Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Doulos ship is in port

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Yesterday I visited the ship Doulos, an old passenger ship that now carries a huge book store and about 350 volunteers to various ports in the world. They've recently been in Fiji. A Christian organisation runs the ship and volunteers come from Salvation Army, Church of Christ, you name it. Not just young people like YWAM, as some volunteers are over sixty. I talked with some of the people e.g. from Vanuatu, India, USA. I did three sketches on the boat (then changed them a bit with photo-edit). The books are not sold in Australian dollars but as units that have to be translated so that is a bother. I bought only some kids' colouring books and postcards. One of the young women on board said that Geelong is the highlight of their trip to Australia so far because the city is so accessible as the Doulos ties up at Cunningham pier and within three minutes they can be strolling into the Geelong shops.



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