Friday, June 27, 2008

I never got to Paris but...

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I'd booked on a trip to Paris once upon a time but cancelled to go to Fiji instead.... and never got to Europe. Anyway, I enjoy reading magazines and newspaper inserts about travelling and often listen to the adventures and misadventures of friends - often about food and funny tummies. Why do people travel so much? To see around the next corner I suppose. Here are some pics - two from today's Age newspaper, one drawing by Simon Letch, the other by Bowman.

I like the idea of travel on the cheap in the pockets of kangas or is this picture about the urge for adventure in Australia and new experiences.

Daniel Levine a marketing consultant says, The secret of success is to make people think they are slightly more adventurous than they really are. More than ever, travellers are looking for new and unique experiences that make them feel special.'

PS Saturday morning I read the papers - The Age, and the Geelong Advertiser, and something I have done since I was six - cut up pictures afterwards! I have to throw out half of the papers first - the careers, cars, houses for sale, etc. then start on the Traveller's section, arts, cartoons, letters to the editor - and oh dear, in the local paper I have to check for births and deaths too!



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