Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rotary Fundraising Auction

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Dinner parties and auctions are not exactly my scene because I want to chuck out stuff from the house instead of buying even more. I"d rather walk through a forest. However Peceli's Rotary Club of Grovedale put this on every year in a nice venue with chandeliers and flashing lights and marble in the bathroom. This year they sold about $14,000 of stuff. Things like a dog bath, a pressure hose for cleaning the car and cement (huh - there's a ban on water from outside taps!) Our table of nine people was full of chatter and a fair bit of wine. Food was fine and the table settings elegant. Peceli bid for a box of vegetables/eggs/pizza voucher/cocacola for $70 but somehow it turned out to be $100. Now we are swamped by cauliflowers, cabbages, and carrots. My Italian friend bid for a bear in a chair for her grand-daughter so I did a drawing of that, as well as the scene before me of mainly red wine.

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