Friday, October 19, 2007

Reading the papers on a Saturday morning

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A typical Saturday morning means reading the Geelong Advertiser and the Age. I don't buy newspapers other days except the Thursday Age for the Green Guide (TV and radio). Immediately I throw out the sections on cars and property though sometimes a picture catches any attention.

Then the business section gets ditched - except for an occasional read of an obituary - yes, they are interesting at times - everyone has a journey and a story.

The Advertiser doesn't take much time to read, except to find references to people I know - e.g. the writer Graeme Kinross-Smith who launched his novel entitled Long Afternoon of the World which promises to be an interesting read.

Local politics - well I usually give that a miss though this week it IS interesting. In the electorate where I am a swinging voter (Green or Labour at the present) our friend Gavin O'Connor the Labour man who is a career politician and has over the years been passionate about justice for people, multiculturalism, peace, cleaning up local councils of corruption - has announced he will stand as an independent!
Way to go Gavin. Through branch stacking I think, some other guy got the pre-selection. Now there is a quandary. Do you vote for a party or for a decent man or woman? It will be an interesting outcome. I like the idea of independents who can use a conscience vote and not be dominated by party bosses. Of course if I lived in a country town I would vote 'little' Liberal because the man or woman there needs to be passionate about country living.

Then there's the local titbits in the papers such as the fact that the Geelong Show is on - hence there is the pic of blushing dressed ducks at the show. Vying for Miss Geelong? Gavin was on page 35, the ducks on the front cover. Way to go Addie, get your priorities right. Hmmm.

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Blogger Um Naief said...

most interesting. you know, this guy gavin looks a bit like teddy kennedy. they are very similar.

when ross perot ran on an independent ticket i voted for him. i was crazy for that guy and really hoped he'd become president, but too many ppl thought he wouldn't go anywhere and didn't vote for him.

i love the duck picture... how precious.

i only read the paper on the wkends myself... usually. some days, if hashim brings it home, i'll glance thru it to see if anything catches my eye.

12:19 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Gavin is in a predicament because though many people know him and like him, (14 years as our member) they still might think you've gotta vote for the party and for the new guy who got the pre-selection. It will be an interesting outcome.

6:11 PM  

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