Monday, September 18, 2006

A different kind of line drawings

Here are a few small poems - some poncy, some practical. They are not strictly haiku which requires a strict syllable count etc - just some observations on life.

Line Drawings

Hibiscus flares red
In the succulence of life
Then close to grey

Frangipanis fall
On fresh mounds, pegged,
Remembered by sons

Walking, a shadow
Of remembered robust days
Now a metallic clang and shuffle

A man sells newspapers
Against the traffic
Candling in the wind

Stolen or bad biros
Get more attention
Than stolen children

A white statue moves
Halting a leaning mother
Then her child smiles

The bulbous trunk
Of the gingko reveals
history’s cracks and strains

The merry-go-round circles
As black suits cluster
Over square files, iced water

The magnolia spreads herself
Like a bridal gown
after the womb of winter

Softly bent and languid
Agreeing with all views
She’s a lemon grass woman


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