Thursday, July 28, 2016

Choosing music for church

I've been asked to look at song choices for August so I wrote this for our local congregation in East Geelong.
Some suggestions for Music in August 2016
Preamble - We have a congregation of about seventy which includes many older people, some families and about 16 under twenty. Our resources include an organ, piano and drums and under-used are players of guitar, trumpet, stringed instruments, banjo-mandolin etc. Texts are placed on the data projection but TIS books are in the pews. To choose music for congregational singing the following resources are mostly used: Together in Song, All Together series from Adelaide, some newer songs and chants, and songs from favourite composers such as Bell, Murray, Mann. The pattern has been to have an introit, opening hymn, a hymn/song related to the lectionery gospel reading, two other hymns, and a song to go out. On the first Sunday of the month we include a communion hymn such as Tis 239 Jesus the Lord said, or Tis 526 Lord Jesus Christ, and a sung ‘Holy holy’ which is TIS 761. Sometimes a soloist sings during Communion e.g. Take this bread.
Some suggestions:
Introit This is the day that the Lord has made Alleluia Tis 185 (to learn)
Alleluia alleluia give thanks to the risen Lord Tis 390 Here in this place (Gathering) Tis 474 (not all verses)
Opening hymn: God is love Tis 153 Christ is the world’s light Tis 246
We have a gospel to proclaim Tis 245 Lord the light of your love Tis 675
Sometimes a song especially for children
e.g. TIS 175; Did you ever see a kookaburra laugh
TIS 579 The blind man sat by the road and he cried.
Hymn/Song related to gospel reading e.g. August 7 Tis 122 What shall I do my God to love
August 14th Comfort comfort Tis 647 August 21st TiS 737 Lord Jesus Christ lover of all (Bell)
August 28th TiS 686 / ATE 292 Lord Jesus we belong to you (Robin Mann)
Third Hymn 218 in All together everybody - Spirit, spirit o gentleness
Tis 598 Dear Father Lord of humankind Tis 87 You are before me Lord
Tis 689 Lord hear my praying
Fourth hymn Dreams and visions ATE No 249 For you deep stillness; No 22 NCYC 1999
Tis 588 In heavenly love abiding Pass it on
Song to go out: TiS Shalom Sent by the Lord am I - All Together book
Now unto him who is able to keep May the road rise up to meet you All Together book
All over the world the spirit is moving You shall go out with joy Tis 755.


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