Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Crags near Port Fairy

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From our holiday at Port Fairy.
It was a damp morning Wednesday but we started by visiting the Information Centre, then decided, rain or shine we would drive to the Crags, and then the rain stopped.The Crags is a wild section of coastline 12 kilometres west of Port Fairy accessed from the road to Portland. Turn left at the sign and drive over rolling hills of grassland with occasional squat pine trees, not the triangular healthy looking trees of Port Fairy town to reach the coastline.I imagined Heathcliffe riding over the hill! 

The rock formations jutting from the seabed are spectacular. The area is an important archaeological site, part of the traditional homelands of the indigenous Peek Wurrung speakers and has spiritual connections with Deen Maar. Over many thousands of years the coastal reserve was used as a place of gathering, ceremony and feasting for indigenous people. We saw the rocky cliffs from a viewing platform, certainly not from the small beaches below. Divers found the remains of a missing plane nearby so there is a memorial at the site.


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