Thursday, December 25, 2014

A little house on the prairie of Meredith

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I was astonished to read this story in today's Herald Sun, but what a good idea - at the time.

Prius becomes a mobile home as tent takes a back seat

James Lawler has built a miniature house on top of his car. Picture: MITCH BEAR
James Lawler has built a miniature house on top of his car. Picture: MITCH BEAR
TORQUAY landscaper James Lawler has given himself room to move — on the back of his Toyota Prius.
Made primarily using scraps scavenged from the tip, the miniature house set Mr Lawler back $150 and took just over a week to complete.
The abode sports a tin roof with a chimney, a stained-glass window and a letter box displaying the car’s registration plate.
“There’s a lot of boring camper vans out there. I thought this would be a little bit more quaint and Australiana with a rusted tin roof,” Mr Lawler said.
Pictures of Mr Lawler and his DIY motor home have gone viral on social media.
But aside from the online fame, Mr Lawler said the extension had served its intended purpose well. It provided a stylish place to sleep at the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria earlier this month while his fellow campers were forced to rough it in tents.
“It’s quite well insulated in there. It’s more comfortable than a tent,” he said.
After completing the 100km round trip to the festival, Mr Lawler was fined by local police.
He disputes the vehicle is unroadworthy but said his “quirky little caravan” was worth the minor upset.
It’s due to be dismantled, but it has sparked a new idea.
“I would like to build a caravan along the same style but a bit more water tight.”


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