Monday, September 05, 2011

Young Geelong artists

EYE-CATCHING: Visitors enjoy local art on show in the former Dimmey's building. Photo: TONY KERRIGAN
The Butterfly Installation by Taegan Roberts at The Youth Art Exhibition Titled 'Peel Your Eyes'
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Nice to see the initiative of Geelong's young artists to use some of the empty spaces in the CBD of Geelong, such as this one at the former Dimmey's site.

Young Geelong artists make the most of empty retail space

| September 6th, 2011
TALENTED young Geelong artists are breathing new life into an empty space in Malop St. Peel Your Eyes, a youth art exhibition run by not-for-profit initiative SUB, is on at the former Dimmey's building until September 16. The three-level exhibition features hanging installations, video presentations, sculptures and photography by 53 local artists.

The exhibition also features a UV light installation that can only be seen at night.

Stephanie Tribe from SUB said the exhibition was a great way for local artists to show their work. Ms Tribe said the Courthouse Arts supported exhibition was the first of its kind since Geelong-based youth initiative SUB was formed in April.

One view:
"What a fantastic initiative. With the success of this event it clearly demonstrates that there is a market for this and more should be done to encourage cultural type programs. Encouraging youth, education and culture will drive the change in the CBD."

Peel Your Eyes is on daily from noon-8pm until September 16.

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