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Farewell Bec

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There are heroes that are famous people, and in Geelong, it usually is about sport, but also there are heroes that are courageous people who live with grace and humour no matter the kicks that life gives them. Such a person was Rebecca (Bec) Carter who died aged 31 this week. What a wonderful girl she has been, an inspiration. Many days we do see people who are confronted with tragedy or really bad health issues, and we admire them because of their courage.

from the Geelong Advertiser:
Farewell brave Bec

| August 27th, 2011

BEC Carter was a medical one-off but to family, friends and almost the entire Geelong community, it was her magical, positive personality that was the real one-off. The Lara resident was born with a congenital disease so rare it was named after her.

She spent many months at Geelong Hospital, with a liver transplant and heart, stomach and hip surgery though she was always positive and selflessly concerned for others.

On Thursday afternoon, at age 31, she passed away at peace with her extra-ordinary life.

Her father Graham said to know Bec was to love her. "She had an amazing personality, she was bright and bubbly and outgoing," he said. "Bec you were an inspiration to all those who knew you. You endured more in your life then anyone should have to. You were a true fighter right to the end. Thanks for all the memories. GO CATS!!"

"She always thought about others. When she was waiting for a liver transplant she was given 24 hours to live. A donor became available and she said 'But what if someone needs it more than I do?'

"We were very proud of her. She was an inspiration, she touched that many people I don't think she even realised herself how many."

Mr Carter said despite the happy face, his only child had never lived a day without pain, and in the end she was exhausted. "A good day for Bec would be a crappy day for anyone else. She had gone through a lot of terrible things and we tended to think she would just keep going but she was tired," he said.

Described as one of the Geelong Football Club's biggest fans, Bec struck up a warm friendship with Cats onballer Joel Corey after he visited her in hospital about five years ago. A regular visitor to the Carter home, Corey often referred to Bec as his 'inspiration' in player profiles. At the request of her family, the Cats onballer, who has already been ruled out of today's game against Sydney, visited Bec in her final hours and was too emotional to speak to the Geelong Advertiser yesterday.

Bec's love of the Cats was on full display recently when she moved into her specially-designed house, revealing to friends and family at her housewarming a blue and white bedroom.

Seeing her parents in their own home was on her list of accomplishments, worried that her medical bills would rob them of the Australian dream.

And a surprise visit from packaging company tne owners Alf and Nadia Taylor on the television show Secret Millionaire in 2010 saw it turn to reality. Mrs Taylor described their ongoing friendship with the Carters a privilege. "Fond and loving memories we will always have of (Bec), her big smile, her infectious magnetic personality, her cheering of her favourite team," Mrs Taylor said. "(Her) amazing zest for life will always be with us."

Also on her list was a Cats premiership.

Friend and former club president Frank Costa said Bec was one of the true believers who had retained faith in the Cats during the pre-2007 premiership drought. He believed her fervent support of the team had kept her going through many tough times. "She lit Geelong Hospital up, the place used to buzz and everyone loved her," Mr Costa said. "She was a real example of leading a full and happy life and not worrying about the little things. She will be sorely missed but her memory will live on." Mr Costa said the team would be thinking of Bec during today's game, while she will be cheering louder than ever from above.



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Thanks, Wendy, for telling us about Bec Carter. She was an inspiration all of her life to Geelong. That's quite a record, all of one's life...
what memories she has left everyone.

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