Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Poem 'Sea's Edge' written at Queenscliff

from Wendy
I wrote this during a church weekend camp at Cottage by the Sea, Queenscliff.

Queenscliff: The Sea's Edge

Sketchbook in hand, I walk a narrow path
in a thicket of bent, charcoal grey tea-trees,
intent upon shape, texture and line.
There's no orderly form, no rhythm,
just awkward wind-shaped trees.

In the pearl light of the sky behind,
Is there a Madonna there?
I want to see the face of a saint
in the white-on-black negative spaces
because I demand a vision.

Unsteadily I walk down the steps,
plough through deep sand,
contemplate the ocean's breathing,
scribbled patterns left by the tide,
(perhaps find a meaning)
or just a restful silence before
more questions chattering.


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